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Kitchen fire prevention knowledge and kitchen fire precautions kitchen fire fighting requirements

2016-11-30 09:16:01

In daily life, there are many flammable and explosive hazards exist in our daily lives, especially the catering kitchen, restaurants, hotels need to pay more attention to fire. Kitchen is the use of open fire using gas fry cooking cooking food, as well as the placement of fuel, cooking oil, etc. The most common places, so to ensure the safe placement of fuel and proper use of gas stove is particularly important, in order to protect personal safety and to avoid restaurant property loss . To avoid the fire to ensure that their own and perimeter security is every food and beverage companies must have awareness. The following Xiaobian introduced some kitchen fire prevention and kitchen fire precautions to avoid an emergency situation helpless.

Kitchen fire prevention knowledge and kitchen fire precautions kitchen fire fighting requirements

Catering in the kitchen should pay attention to those who usually fire safety?

1, to make use of non-combustible materials kitchen components. Stoves and combustibles should be maintained between the safe distance, to prevent ignition and radiant heat caused by fire;

2, the use of stoves is completed, immediately extinguish the flame, turn off the gas source, ventilation cooling;

3, the timely clean-up stoves, exhaust fans, stove surface and other stoves, to avoid excessive accumulation of grease caused by fire;

4, regularly clean the oil soot in the range, to prevent the summer temperature is too high, resulting in spontaneous combustion machine hood;

5, close the front of the shop to check whether the kitchen electrical power, gas valve is closed, whether the fire is extinguished;

6, the kitchen should be equipped with the appropriate fire equipment, familiar with the alarm procedures and a variety of fire fighting facilities, learn to use fire fighting equipment, in case of fire, trying to fight the blaze;

7, do not let children into the kitchen to play.

Kitchen fire when using the need to pay attention to what?

1, when cooking with a short-sleeved or appropriate long-sleeved, to avoid fireworks clothing;

2, with the oil pan, people can not leave. Oil temperature reaches the appropriate height, should be placed in the dishes, food;

3, in case of oil pan fire, special attention not to the pot watering fire, can be covered directly with a lid or a wet cloth, or even with a good cut into the pot of vegetables can also put out the fire;

4, fried food, the oil can not put too full, shelved to be safe;

5, simmer stew a variety of broth, someone should care. Soup should be too full, in the soup should be reduced when the boiling pot or open the lid to prevent the oil spill overflow pot;

6, in the oil refining, fried food, there must be someone to care, the pot should not put too much oil, oil temperature can not be too high, to prevent oil spills and oil temperature is too high to cause spontaneous fire;

7, cooking food, do not leave anyway, before leaving the fireworks to be closed;

8, the use of gas, at any time check the gas valve or pipe leak phenomenon, the problem promptly notify the property sector for maintenance. Safe and reliable way to check the gas leak: with a soft brush or brush dipped in soapy water smear and found that soap bubbles in place of continuous bubble is the leak parts, is strictly prohibited direct match method to check the leak parts;

9, the use of canned liquefied petroleum gas, gas stove and stove to keep 1.5 meters away, are not allowed in the gas tank around the pile of combustible debris, is strictly prohibited directly on the gas tank heating.

Kitchen fire fighting requirements

1, such as kitchen gas equipment on fire, can only close the stove valve, must not close the pipeline total valve, otherwise it will cause the gas pipeline explosion. Must first extinguish the fire, after closing the valve.

2, such as oil pan fire, do not water, otherwise the water will be fried in the pan, causing the fire spread, personnel burns; should use a fire blanket and foam fire extinguishers.

3, such as electrical equipment on fire, do not water, otherwise it will electric shock; should first turn off the power, and then CO2 or dry powder fire extinguisher.

4, such as exhaust pipe fire, should first turn off the exhaust fan, and then fire extinguisher spray.

5, if the trash on fire, watering the trash can and fire.

In general, the kitchen fire safety focus is on fire, meticulously carried out safe operation, to prevent the main, anti-consumer combination, will be able to create a safe kitchen environment.